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Leena-Maria Lahti

Sourcing Coordinator

Leena-Maria Lahti works at Nordic Source as a sourcing coordinator and her main areas of responsibility are Travel and Professional services. Overall, Leena-Maria has more than 20 years of experience in purchasing and procurement tasks, mainly in a global operating environment. Planning, implementation and tendering of indirect and direct procurements as well as contract preparations, negotiations and cooperation with suppliers and stakeholders. He has also been responsible for the implementation of procurement and/or category strategies in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Leena-Maria is definitely at her best when it comes to indirect (service) procurement. For example, being able to carry out tenders or finding a responsible and innovative service provider that best meets the needs of the business. In such tasks and environment, his good cooperation and networking skills and his ability to move things forward are best displayed. Leena-Maria's education is BBA, international business operations and she has also studied e.g. procurement management and change management.

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