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Managing Director, Sourcing Director & 

Senior Advisor

Eija Repo is the jack of all trades in Nordic Source, she is responsible of the cooperative administration as well as leading the sourcing. She has 20+ years of experience of sustainable direct and indirect sourcing and supply chain management from e.g. Fiskars Group and Nokia. Eija has master's degrees both in engineering and business, although her educational background does not prevent her rolling her sleeves and work hands-on to deliver tangible results. Eija’s “internal engineer voice” often whispers into her ear about processes, data and KPIs. She has a strong tendency to fix all processes and operations around her and implement KPIs so that Nordic Source “machine” is efficient and scalable and can deliver the mission: “Collective intelligence & joint purchasing power – Excellent sourcing results”. Eija thinks efficient sourcing and lean processes are a fast and working way to improve company profitability.


All parties (new and old suppliers, members, potential members and other) that are interested to learn more about Nordic Source, can contact Eija.

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